Miscellaneous Dom Top

Featured in Out magazine and Paper magazine with Bakeneko Shard mouthpiece and veil

red in dead land feroce MAGAZINE

Crown and stigmata bracelets: Bakeneko Designs

Clothing: Magdalene Celeste

Model: Teddy Kingspent

Photographer: Hugh Finnerty


Beautiful Bizarre magazines top 100 wearable art designers

playful promises

Playful promises Valentines ad campaign

Model: Danni St James

Clothing: Magdalene Celeste

Crown and stigma bracelets: Bakeneko Designs

Photographer: Anna Swiczeniuk

torture garden bakeneko x celeste show

Collaborative show with Magdalene Celeste at Torture Garden Scala

Models: Gina Harisson, Izzy GB, Amy Kingsmill, Joana Deus, Aarron O’Conner, Ruby Bird, Teddy kingspent.
Photographer: Hugh Finnerty

Torture Garden Carousel of Love

Upcoming joint show with Magdalene Celeste  

Dazed Beauty

Dazed Beauty interview with Bonnie Bakeneko LINK

PERISCOPE for Hunger Magazine

Mouthpiece: Bakeneko Designs

Art Director/Photo/Retouch: Magic Owen

Stylist: msbeaux

Model: Gemma huh

Hair: Anne Veck salons

Mua: Vicky Lin makeup

Paper Flowers: Tissue Blossoms


Magdalene Celeste fashion show

Mouthpieces: Bakeneko Designs

Models: Gina Harisson and Amy Kingsmill

Hair: Roy Hayward

Photographer: Paul Soso

dark beauty magazine

Mouthpiece/headpiece: Bakeneko Designs

Model/MUA/Retoucher: Malimoria 

Photographer: Lolisa Photography

Feroce cover AUG VOL 6

Mouthpiece/headpiece: Bakeneko Designs

Model/MUA/Retoucher: Malimoria 

Photographer: Lolisa Photography


Mouth piece: Bakeneko Designs

Photographer: Malimoria Photography

Models: Hugh Rogers and Alexia Gasp. 

Art Play magazine

Mouthpiece and Headpiece- Bakeneko Designs

Photographer- Doh Lee

Model- Kasumi

i-d vice, italian vogue, paper magazine

Torture Garden March Ball performance/show

Models (in order of apperance)-

Sam Costello
Benedict Douglas Stewardson/Rodent DeCay
Ruby Wole
Kris Canavan and Talli Lyndsey
Anton Jones
Drew Beckett
Aiden Moore
Virgin Xtravaganzah
Mike Shanti
Bonnie Bakeneko


Glass Book magazine


Mouthpiece: Bakeneko Designs

Photographer: Magic Owen

Model/Makeup: Virgin Xtravaganzah



"Creative director Joel Palmer and director/editor Kassandra Powell have teamed up for a fashion-heavy new film that expresses the power of the LGBTQ movement.

The clip focuses on six warriors who descend on London for a dance battle that draws on ballroom, voguing, contortion and contemporary dance. The result? Fatality."

Featuring Bakeneko mouthpieces, black beaded Bakeneko veil and the Bakeneko Equine harness.

View Siron here

Street art by Ann Bengard

Street art by Ann Bengard in Barcelona for Nau Bostik with refrence images of Bakeneko Designs Floral pieces.

glassbook magazine

Portrait of a modern day muse for Glassbook magazine

Two way ruff/blindfold (worn as headpiece): Bakeneko Designs

Photographer: Lara Angelil

Stylist: Daniel A Grey

Model: Sasha Sergeeva

HMUA: Abbi Nourse

elegant magazine

The Warrior for Elegant magazine

Conjoined head and mouthpiece: Bakeneko Designs

Photographer: william Henry Scott

Clothing: Magdalene Celeste

Model: Suakvile

Creative Director: Dina Renton

Assistant: Ruby Bird

volition magazine

The VVitch for Volition magazine

Mouthpiece and Crown: Bakeneko Designs

Photographer: William Henry Scott

Creative director: Daina Renton

Dress: Magdalene Celeste

MUA: Michelle Watson

Boil yer blood

Directed, Produced, Shot & Edited by Mark Charade
Co-Producer & Stylist - Anna Swiczeniuk

Bakeneko Designs crown, blindfold and mouthpieces