Torture Garden March Ball

I had the great honor of being asked to put on a performance/show at Torture Gardens March Ball at Electorwerkz. Torture Garden has always been something I've held in high regard in terms of boundary pushing fetish nights combined with art performance. When I was thinking of what i wanted to do I knew I wanted to make it special and something to be remembered. 

I decided to base the look of the models bodies and movements on Butoh whilst all wearing my work on their heads and faces. This gave them a look of unison whilst each Bakeneko Designs piece worn was completely unique. Each model took to the stage individually then came back on together and stood at each side. Virgin X then came on and 'blessed' what was about to happen in the second act.
I come on stage leading Mike by a ribbon wrapped around two embellished cheeks spears. I throw him onto the stage, kick his legs out from under him them aggressively pull out the spears. He then drops to the stage as if dead. For the finale I have 'blood' pumped through tubes in my outfit causing it to 'bleed'. the show ends with me in a crucifixion pose before the music ends, lights drop and everyone exits the stage leaving Mikes body on until last.

I wanted each model to act in a way that was both sexual and un-nerving. The idea was not to turn on the audience but to disturb them, make them feel uncomfortable. From a personal point of view the idea of being on stage was terrifying so I wanted to channel that fear and turn it against the audience. I wanted to be feared rather then I be the one that fears them. At the same time I wanted the show to be visually enticing and exciting to watch. Like nothing that has been seen before.

I want to give a huge thank you to David for inviting me to make this show, to all my amazing models and my partner Sam for being my rock whilst I was preparing for this. The whole experience was like a dream come true and I have still yet to come down from the thrill of it.

Models (in order of apperance)-

Sam Costello
Benedict Douglas Stewardson/Rodent DeCay
Ruby Wole
Kris Canavan and Talli Lyndsey
Anton Jones
Drew Beckett
Aiden Moore
Virgin Xtravaganzah
Mike Shanti
Bonnie Bakeneko