Little bird

Before 'Bakeneko Designs' I had an art project/business called 'Amore de Mori' in which I made wearable taxidermy and osteological art. The inspiration behind it was a 3D moving 'Vanitas' with deaths part being played by the taxidermy/bones while lifes part portrayed in the model wearing it.

I think I was born like a clock a few seconds behind most people. I haven’t ever found my place or way and feel like I am never quite comfortable or ‘right’.
Once I used to look into the sublime and feel great horror. Nature truly terrifies me but in that same breath it pulls me back with fascination. It’s difficult as a conscious being to believe that we are organic and not immortal. When I think of my life I imagine the nothing before my existence and then try to imagine the nothing that will come after. Sometimes I find myself profoundly troubled that I will enter the abyss and I cannot comprehend that there will not be part of me that won’t transcend it. Mostly though I am comforted that one day I will go back to the earth and be no more.
I was struggling with insomnia and lying in bed with my eyes burning a void into the back of my head. Out of the darkness an intense mental image exploded into my mind. I could see all dieing animals crawling their way towards an amber beacon of light. In the centre of it stood the Virgin Mary, emanating a heavenly all encompassing glow. At her feet lay all that was dead. She was the eternal light of sleep and in it was salvation
There is in life a tentative moment where something has reached fruition and hangs in the balance before descending into rot. i want to capture that moment forever so I can better understand it.
I am exploring Vanitas through art and death in fashion to emphasize the frivolity and transient nature of beauty.
“The woods are lovely, dark and deep.”
Robert Frost

After working on this for a few years i started to feel my morality and aesthetic shifting from its original course. I began thinking of the ethical ramifications of using another animal to highlight human beauty and felt uncomfortable in what I was doing. I still had a huge passion for taxidermy and nature but the pull to do this was coming from a place I did not quite understand yet.
I started to consider the difference an 'ugly' beauty would make where the wearer was more at odds with the animal. More so to have the animal wear them then the other way around. This is how I came to the idea for my 'little bird' mouthpiece. The birds and attacking the mouth of the wearer rather than being a complicit adornment.