Their eyes are the nearest to humans

The barn was ablaze and all the animals inside it. We tore down the doors and out ran sheep, goats, horses, cows, pigs and donkeys. There were hutches on fire containing rabbits and guinea pigs, coops full of chickens and turkeys. Near the back hidden around a corner was a huge pillar shaped jar full of venomous snakes in water. Not all the snakes could reach the surface at once so they had to rotate around each other to steal gulps of air. He went to remove the lid and I stopped him because he would surely get bitten. We tied a rope around the jar then when outside pulled on it so the jar came crashing down and broke, releasing the snakes. Then we both ran away as fast as we could before they caught us.


Recently there have been many dragonflies in the garden and I don't know where they are coming from. I found one dead today and looking at reminded me of what a marvel their wings are. I started thinking about the complex relationship with nature and aesthetics and was wondering if in fact I find these wings more beautiful than a butterflies and why that is. Something in these wings is ethereal beyond the extravagance of a butterfly although these are built more for practicality then for display.  If you take away the wings you are left with elements most people find repulsive, so why just the wings? Furthermore why do we take these parts and then create fairies or mermaids? Discarding the parts we don't understand and don't place value. Why are we always stealing.


I once went to an animal agriculture vigil which is where you bare witness to animals before they are taken to slaughter. The idea is that they can see a face of compassion and maybe draw comfort from it. The problem is all you look like to a prey animal is a predator. In fact while you walk the earth as a human you will see very little of other animals as you are exactly what the majority fear. How awful it is to know that most of nature will hide from you. A woman told me that at vigils for pigs you always 'connect' with one animal and that animal knows you are with them. She told me that a pig's eyes is the closest to a human's. It is not, even if they were genetically identical a pig's eye is like a pig's eye, not a human's. Within that is the entire problem.